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New Products

MicRO - Introducing a small reverse osmosis machine for the small producer. Reduce boiling tim and fuel usage. This machine is available with one or two membranes to fit your needs.
HD Mainline - This high density tubing is manufactured with high quality materials to provide an economical solution to installing a tubing system. Stainless steel fittings are recommended, but the lower cost of tubing more than makes up for the extra fitting cost. Available in 3/4" and 1"
Stainless Steel Fittings - Check out our new low cost on high quality stainless steel fittings for your mainline connections.
Max Flow 50 Tubing - Available in 5/16" and 3/16", Max Flow 50 is a new blend of tubing made for enhanced flexibility and durability during harsh winter conditions. Works well in both lateral line and drop line applications.
Clear Stub Spile Adapters - Made from clear polycarbonate, these new stub spile adapters allow you to see the sap flow from the tree and into your tubing, and are made to be used for a single season. Available with or without check-valves.
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Since we first opened in Lansing, MI in 1934, Sugar Bush Supplies has been helping sugarmakers with quality equipment and service

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