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Set grates (V up) and brick rails in place
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Set first board in place. Tap lightly against top rail to score along your cutting line.
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Use a straight edge and utility knife to cut the board along your score line.
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Set board in place and repeat for the next board.
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Cut out the corner for the third board.
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Set full bricks tight to the back incline. Measure between for a cut brick.
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Using a wet saw to cut brick
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With full bricks in place, set board along incline and mark for length.
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Score the board at an agle flat with the bottom of the arch belly.
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Flip remaining board over and place on top of vertical board for a perfect mitered joint.
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Finish boarding the remainder of the arch.
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Start split bricks along the brick rail. Notch back brick to hold full brick back in place (leaving an expansion gap for the grates).
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Quick method for determining the notch cuts.
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Notched brick in place. Note expansion gap between grates and full bricks.
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Work up side wall with splits, starting every other row with a half brick to stagger the joints.
Note: front brick will need to be narrowed to fit between door and side bolts.
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Start the vertical incline bricks at the outer edges of the arch. Shown: determining the angle for the small corner filler brick.
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Quick method for marking angle cuts
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Completed grate area
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The upper row of bricks on the incline should be tapered to lay flat. Lay a brick on the belly and mark the top edge.
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The remainder will flip over and tuck in behind the vertical brick for a flat, smooth transition.
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As you work across the incline, you will narrow one brick slightly to fit (same with the flat bricks across the belly, as well).
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Work your way up the arch side, cutting brick angles, as needed, to fit against back taper.
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Completed incline
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Completely cover the bottom of the arch belly (you do not need to worry about offsetting bricks on this flat surface.)
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Set "soldiers" vertically against belly sides to back (will need to trim for correct height)
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Completed front
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Completed belly
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Apply Heat Stop to all seams
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Recommmended "Dipping Method". Thin coating on brick edges only.
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Tuckpoint any larger gaps between bricks.
31 / 31

Smooth off excess Heat Stop

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